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ReSIST First Open Workshop

21-22 March 2007,
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

About the ReSIST Open Workshop

The workshop is aimed at presenting salient results of the first year of activity, and to invite comments,
criticisms, and suggestions for future investigation.

Presentations by ReSIST members include a selection of topics form the State of Knowledge document
produced by the Network, and the demonstration of an ontology-based resilience knowledge base.

Those presentations are complemented by
•    two invited talks by distinguished and highly renowned speakers,
and by
•    a panel where selected European projects will present their views
of resilience, and compare them to ReSIST's views.



  -  ReSIST: Resilience for Survivabilty, an Overview - Jean-Claude Laprie

  - Data Distribution in Large-Scale Distributed Systems - Roberto Baldoni

  - Cooperative Backup in Dynamic Systems - Marc-Olivier Killijian

  - Challenges and Advances in E-Voting Systems: Technical and Socio-technical Aspects
     - Peter Ryan and Lorenzo Strigini

  - Invited Talk 1 - Probabilistic Validation of Computer System Survivability - Bill Sanders
  - Modeling and Evaluation of Largeness in Evolving Systems - Andrea Bondavalli

  - Towards Attack Modelling thanks to Honeypot Data Processing - Marc Dacier

  - Scalable Verification of Systems with Cryptography - Birgit Pfitzmann

  - Prototype Knowledge Base: An On-line Information Service in Dependability and Security - Hugh Glaser

  - Invited Talk 2 - Modelling of Failures: From Chains to Coincidences - Erik Hollnagel

  - Panel: Resilience Views from other European Projects - Luca Simoncini

           - DESEREC Integrated Project - Benoît Bruyère

           - ESFORS Coordination Action - Aljosa Pasic

           - SERENITY Integrated Project - Domenico Presenza

           - HIDENETS Specific Targeted Research Project - Hans Peter Schwefel

  - Future Research Directions, Structuring Effect of ReSIST - Jean-Claude Laprie

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