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ReSIST Second Open Workshop


Resilience in Computing Systems and
Information Infrastructures:
A Research Agenda

18 October 2007,
Università degli studi di Roma La Sapienza



About the ReSIST Second Open Workshop

The challenges raised for achieving satisfactorily dependability and security of the emerging ubiquitous systems are sharpened by the statistical evidence that those systems suffer from a gap in the achieved capabilities with respect to the expectations of  the stakeholders.  A central characteristic of those ubiquitous systems being the continuous evolutionary  changes they are facing, scaling up their dependability and security requests a resilience view in order to cope with and to adapt to these evolutionary changes. The changes can be functional, technological, environmental, and include threat evolutions. Such changes  drastically increase uncertainty about system and infrastructure behaviour. The workshop is aimed at presenting the findings of the European Network of Excellence  ReSIST on the research directions for resilience of computing systems and information infrastructures to enable their dependability and security to scale-up.



Opening Session 

From Resilience to ReSIST, Jean-Claude Laprie (LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France)
From Resilience-Building to Resilience-Scaling Technologies, Michel Banâtre (University of Rennes - IRISA, France)


Research Directions: Andras Pataricza (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary)
Industry's View: Giuseppe Martufi (Elsag-Datamat, Italy)


Research Directions: Aad Van Moorsel (University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)
Industry's View: Jean-Paul Blanquart (EADS-Astrium, France)


Research Directions: Philippe Palanque (University of Toulouse - IRIT, France)
Industry's View: Colin Corbridge (Defence Science & Technology Laboratory, UK)


Research Directions: Lorenzo Strigini (City University, London, UK)
Industry's View: Michele Morganti (Nokia-Siemens, Italy)

Concluding Session

Invited talk: Resilient Systems: Current Research and Future Directions, Yves Paindaveine (European Commission)

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