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Public Deliverables


Project Presentation (PDF file, 172 Kb)

Resilience-Building Technologies: State of Knowledge (PDF file, 3.4 Mb)

Resilience-Building Technologies: State of Knowledge; Appendices - Papers produced by ReSIST partners
         since January 2006 
(PDF file, 23.4 Mb)

 From Resilience-Building to Resilience-Scaling Technologies: Directions (PDF file, 1.9 Mb)

Prototype Knowledge Base  (PDF file, 1.4 Mb)

 Knowledge Base Version 2 (PDF file, 2.7 Mb)

Support for Resilience-Explicit Computing - first edition (PDF file, 1.1 Mb)

Resilience-Explicit Computing: final (PDF file, 1.2 Mb)

Thesaurus and ontology of resilience terms (PDF file, 456 Kb)

Resilience Ontology: final (PDF file, 977  Kb)

Resilient Computing  Curriculum (PDF file, 592 Kb)

Resilient Computing Courseware (PDF file, 688 Kb)

Student Seminar (PDF file, 2.1 Mb)

Summer School Programme (PDF file, 1 Mb)

First Open Workshop report  (PDF file, 8.4 Mb)

Second Open Workshop Report (PDF file, 6.1 Mb)

Final Workshop Report (PDF file, 16.5 Mb)