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Welcome to the website of the European Network of Excellence ReSIST

Comments on the prototype Resilience Knowledge Base and on the Resilient Computing Curriculum are welcome. Registering to the dedicated forums is open to everyone.

If you have an interest in Resilient Computing, you are invited to register to the ReSIST information mailing list. We will thus keep you informed of our activities, events, and public deliverables.

Contract number: 026764
   Start date: 1st January 2006
   Duration: 39 months
DG Information Society and Media 'ICT for Trust and Security' Unit

Resilience related Conferences

EDCC (May 7-9 2008)
DSN (June 24-27 2008)
RAID (Sept 15-17 2008)
Safecomp (Sep 22-25 2008)
SRDS (Oct 6-8 2008)
ESORICS (Oct 6-10 2008)
ISSRE (Nov 10-13 2008)
PRDC (Dec 15-17 2008)
EWDC (May 14-15 2009)
DSN (June 29-July 2 2009)
Safecomp (Sept 15-18 2009)
RAID (Sept 23-25 2009)
ISSRE (Nov 16-19 2009)